Agent Performance Quality Assurance, Workflow and Workforce Management Solutions for Call Centers

Quality Assurance

Use scorecard templates to evaluate agent’s call recordings — ensure top performance

With our quality assurance module (call scoring), your team leads or quality monitors can easily select agent call recordings and a scorecard template to evaluate calls. A scorecard template is selected based on the call type, and it defines the attributes for evaluating the call.

As you listen to the call recording, you select options for the defined attributes and the values of those selections roll up into a final score of the call. This information is saved in the database and available for reporting. These reports will show how agents are performing over time.

  • Use our call recording solution to easily search and identify calls that need to be scored, all within an easy-to-use web browser interface.

  • Create any number of scorecard templates within the portal to use for scoring the calls

  • Scoring results are saved in the database for use in reports

  • Scoring reports show your top performing agents or agents that may some additional coaching. Also use reports to ensure agents are being scored routinely to meet client requirements for compliance.


Gain valuable call tracking information and keep agents on task with our call disposition module

The call disposition module is a flexible desktop tool that agents use to control their phone system status and disposition calls. With the flexibility to build customized call flow rules, agents can be automatically taken out of queues and put back in, forced to disposition every call and automatically placed in “wrap up” status.

All the time spans of these activities are measured providing a more accurate representation of call handle time for each agent. In addition, the call disposition data can be used in reports to see trends in call dispositions.

  • Gain valuable insight into time between calls, wrap up time and handle time through meaningful reports.

  • Use the screen real estate of the desktop tool to highlight calls waiting and maximum wait times so agents are very aware of the call center activity as a whole

  • Customize our call disposition routine for your environment. This may be pulling customer information out of a CRM and displaying it on the agent’s screen or popping unique call scripts or pushing disposition information back into a CRM.

Workforce Management

Our workforce management tools help you with the daunting task of making sure agents are where they need to be

Workforce management is a bit of art and science in an ever-changing call center environment. Some have even described it as “herding cats”. With our workforce tools, you can get the information you need to stay on top of this challenge and schedule agents accordingly. Our solution has tools for adding and updating agents’ schedules so that the system becomes aware of where agents are supposed to be.

Once the schedules are in, the system can:

  • Send emails when agents are late
  • Provide visual views of schedules
  • Run reports on schedule adherence
  • Provide reporting on call volumes versus agents’ schedules to ensure you are staffed appropriately
  • Use the agents’ schedule information to manage schedule adherence with email alerts and reports

  • The workforce dashboard provides visual tools and data for seeing historical call volume, call wait times, agents scheduled, and current call volume broken out half hour intervals giving a meaningful view activity for scheduling purposes.

  • When combined with our custom statuses module, agents actually build full shift records as they toggle their custom status options throughout the day.