Smart Reporting Custom Reports and Wallboards for Your Call Center

Custom Reports

Let us build your call center the exact reports you need to run your business effectively

Every call center is unique — your reporting requirements will be as well.

With our custom report options, we work with your team to understand the key performance indicators your call centers needs to measure and how best to convey that in a well-designed report.

Your reports can include:

  • Average abandon times
  • Average handle time
  • Longest waiting call in an interval
  • Any other critical metric your call center needs

We leverage our years of database and call center experience to bring you meaningful reports tailored just for you.

  • As part of our new-client onboarding process, we will work with your team to understand the unique aspects of your call center and create reports that fit best

  • All reports can be run on demand and viewed online in HTML or exported to Excel, including native Excel charts

  • Reports have the option to be run on a schedule and emailed to a list of recipients

  • Easily filter reports by date ranges, queue selections, management teams, or individual agents

  • Our reporting solution can also blend in data from other sources, such as your CRM or sales tools, to create composite reports of enterprise activity

Flexible Wallboard & Dashboard Options

View your call center data in real-time with flexible wallboards and dashboards

Things can move pretty fast in active call centers. One minute you may have 3 calls holding in queue, and the next minute, you’ve got 30.

It’s important to stay on top of these ever-changing numbers throughout the day.

Our wallboard solutions will provide you a real-time view of common call center metrics, including:

  • Agents in queue
  • Calls holding
  • Longest waiting call
  • Daily and monthly call counts for agents
  • Any other key performance indicators you need

In addition, our wallboard solutions provide flashing details for calls holding too long or agents in a status for too long.

  • Our wallboard options blend live and historical data onto one screen for constant updates

  • When integrated with our custom status options, see color-coded values and times of what status agents are in with real-time updates

  • Customize columns or certain summary numbers to best fit your call center

  • Layouts optimized for HDTVs

  • Custom desktop views available for managers

  • Dashboard-style reports are a hybrid of custom reports and aspects from the live data used on the wallboard. These reports give you a rich visual view of the activity of your call center