National Credit Care


When we began working with National Credit Care in 2016, they were migrating their call center operations to 3CX.  However, they had some needs that went beyond what 3CX could give them right out of the box.

We developed a tailored solution that included the following functions:

  • Custom call statuses that help management to more accurately understand what each employee is doing minute to minute
  • The increased ability to score call recordings and provide performance data for each employee, consolidated by our enhanced reporting features
  • A greater number of tools allowing management to better monitor workflow in real time, identify individual needs for support, increase accountability, and keep everyone on track
  • Unique call features for local dialing
  • Integration of 3CX with accounting, payroll, their CRM, and other critical pieces of business software to streamline data flow, reduce workload, and decrease potential for human error during manual data transmission

We work with National Credit Care on a weekly basis to help management better monitor their employees’s activities. We continue to support and upgrade that solution to provide employees the call features they need to more effectively serve their customers every day.

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