Spectrum VoIP


Spectrum VoIP, a business phone system provider, needed to systematize and streamline their workflow as they entered the modern era.

They were using outdated processes to move data from one department to another, and they needed a single solution that brought all that data together and reduced the need for departments to use email or phone calls to transfer data.

For Spectrum VoIP, we created a truly integrated system, amalgamating existing software that departments from payroll and accounting to sales and the call center itself, into an enhanced call center platform that ensured data flowed between systems:

We melded together their existing call center platform, salesforce.com, and a CRM system, to create a smooth, efficient, optimized workflow that maximized the efforts of their dedicated sales agents.

We continue to work with Spectrum on a day-to-day basis, tweaking customizations and adding optimizations to meeting their ever-evolving needs.

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